Thursday, February 08, 2007

Oldies but goodies!!!

Today I will talk about my favorite class at school because quite frankly...the real classes just stress me out! I'm all about the electives!

So I opted to take vocal music this semester for 3 reasons:

1: I needed an elective

2: I needed an easy A

3: My other option was bowling.

I really wanted to take this class to learn to sing better. I LOVE to sing and it fills my heart with so much joy. However, I'm not that great at so you won't be seeing me ever show up on American Idol. (Oh..and then they have that whole age limit thing)

So I about died laughing yesterday during class when the instructor says:

"Today we're going to learn a new song."

I'm thinking YAY!!!! I love learning new songs...especially after we have sang the other 5 about 100 times over and over.

So here we go...I'm all excited....and ready to sing and she says:

"Turn to the song 'Our Love is Here to George & Ira Gershwin"


I've never heard this song. I think she can tell by the look on my face. But can I say this.....

I am the oldest person in this class. Just remember that!

Next she says:

"Can you tell me when this song was written?"

Oh Yeah!!! I'm all about that! Uh huh!!! 1938!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

I've experienced this even with Shane during praise team. He'll look around and ask..."Ya'll know this song" and everyone says "Yes" and here is me.....little ol' me....laughing to myself and saying "Nope" and then I look down! Well of was written in the 1800's.

So not only at church, I'm getting this kind of humor at school now.
Guess I'll go study up on my Gershwin now!

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Terry Rush said...


I love you today! You study anything you want! You are always deserving an "A"!