Thursday, October 12, 2006

Perfect Child

Someone shared this with me today.

My Perfect Child

As my son was born, I wanted him to be perfect.
When he was a baby, I wanted him to smile and be content, playing with his toys.
I wanted him to be happy and to laugh continually instead of crying and being demanding.
I wanted him to see the beautiful side of life.

As he grows older, I want him to be giving instead of selfish.
I want him skip the terrible terrible adolescent years
I want him to stay innocent forever.

As he becomes a teen-ager,
I want him to be obedient and not rebellious, mannerly and not mouthy.
I want him to be full of love, gentle and kind-hearted.

"Oh, God, give me a child like this" has often been my prayer. One day he did.
Some call him different...
Some call him names....
But not his mother and his creator
We call him Perfect!!

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