Thursday, October 26, 2006


Today was such an awesome day! Let me fill ya in!
There is the good and the bad!

The bad news is....
Ian was caught cheating on a test.

The good news is this....
The teacher took the test away from him and was going to give him a zero. But she waited a while and then gave him the test later and he passed the test!!! 87%!!! YAY!!!!
Then it gets better....
Not only did he pass one test...he passed 3!!! All 3 of them with a "B". That means he retained the information!!!
So now on his report card...instead of a D...he will come home with a B!!!

This week has been so much better. We've had a couple of meltdowns but overall....we've worked through them.
Chad and I really compliment each other on that. When our patience runs thin....the other one comes in and takes over. It really works out great.

All I can say is that GOD IS GOOD!!! When I was feeling dispair...He came through for not only me...but for Ian as well.
I know we still have a long road ahead....but I have been holding out for just a small ray of sunshine! TODAY WE GOT IT!


Jeanne said...

GREAT NEWS!!!!!! I'm so happy for you both!!! The smile on his face shows not only his joy, but the joy of knowing he did something that made you smile. Now that he knows how well he can do without cheating maybe that temptation won't be so strong. Celebrate the victory and love him through the tough spots. You're a great mom!

The Prophet said...

That's awesome... the news is so good.... Gospel... Good News.