Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Light at the end of the tunnel?

The past two days have been a bit better than this past week. I've taken some things away from Ian and that has been the best punishment for now.

Today a new Dr. called me to tell me she is going to work with Ian and see what we can find out. Why exactly he is regressing instead of progressing. So after speaking with her, I felt a bit ecouraged. Testing will beging in mid Novemeber. Each appointment is 31/2 hours long so I hope Ian can handle it.

My attitude has been much different over the past couple of days. It hasn't been very productive for me to get mad at God. Instead, He has opened avenues for me this week that I was not aware of.
It's hard to be faithful in my prayers when I feel like I'm always asking for the same thing. Maybe I'm not asking for the right thing. I feel like my heart is back on track, but my mind still wants to get the best of me. It's easy for me to get frustrated about this whole situation. It makes me wonder if I myself ever frustrate my Father in Heaven. I don't know if he gets frustrated. I think maybe sad. I want my heart and my mind to be on the same path and there are just days that are not so easy.
I'm glad I have a Father that understands and loves me regardless.


Carrie said...

Hi...I am glad things are getting better!!! MMMH maybe people are praying for you:) I will continue to pray, I have been trying to pray for others situation rather than my helps me take my mind off of things:)and helps you at the same time:)JK
Things will get better...IN HIS TIMING..not ours....LY

The Prophet said...

What's interesting is that I posted something similar at my blog earlier this week. You can read it HERE.

Hang in there, girl!