Friday, October 06, 2006

I'm way too emotional

This morning I went to the kids school to watch Emilie receive the lifeskill award for 'Felxibility'. No...not physically flexible, but just being flexible in school. She recieved that because of efforts this week and last since she had her accident. She came back and did very well adapting to a broken arm and working around other situations without complaining. we are at the assembly. The day starts with a talk to the students from the Principle and they start the flag salute. Attention...Salute...Pledge.

Then here it comes! I cover my heart start saying the pledge...and wouldn't you know it...HERE COME THE TEARS!!! What in the world! Where did this come from. Trying so hard to suck it up and make them go away did no good. I was starting to get embarassed! At the first sign of the Pledge or the National Anthem...I'm a wreck! Ugh!!!
What in the world is wrong with me???


MissDaday said...
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The Prophet said...

Lol!!! That's absolutely hilarious. I broke down and sobbed during a Wife Swap episode once, but never the National Anthem.

heather said...

I'd be all over the tissues too! You have had a roller coaster ride ... and to culminate in such a special award for Emilie - that is awesome... and deserving of pride-filled tears- with a bit of exhaustion mixed in. :-)

How awesome -that God would place such a memory of achievement and reward at the end of such a memoorable trauma. Picture a standing ovation from our home.... you deserve it. We love you!

Danna said...

Personally, I don't think there is ANYTHING wrong with getting emotional during the National Anthem or the Pledge of Allegiance! We are SO blessed to live in this country! It happens to me quite frequently. SO....I choose to think there is nothing wrong with it, but maybe we're both in trouble! :o)