Friday, October 20, 2006


Last night was very interesting...I came home from Praise Team rehearsal just exhausted. Honestly, I love my Thursday nights so much.
So when I get home, I see Emilie asleep on the couch with Chad. I carry her up to bed when she begs me to lay with her for a few moments. So I agree.

The few moments turned into at least an hour because Ian kept coming in and talking to me and waking her back up.

Without getting angry...I just decided to listen to him each time...but each time kept getting longer and longer. Most of the time I lose my cool right about now...but I was just too tired...and I really wanted to see what was so important to him.

My in-laws had given each of the kids a bag of candy....he didn't want it and offered it to me. I didn't want it but I suggested that he offer it to his sister. Without hesitation....he walked around her bed and offered her the bag of candy. She happily accepted and he put it on her nightstand.

Right next to the candy...he saw she had dumped out all her change from her allowance. He was overwhelmed at how much was there. His eyes got huge and he said "Wow Emilie....way to go on the money! That's great! Way to go!" and gave her a high 5 with a big smile on his face. She laid her head back down and as he is walking away, he looked at me and said "Mom...I'm really proud of her...that's great!"

About 5 minutes later...he comes back.

"Mom...I wrote a new song. Do you want to hear it?" I was so tired and trying to get Emilie back to sleep, but I decided to listen anyway. Actually, I was quite impressed with the lyrics he wrote and then half way into it he says "Oh...and if I had a band....right now there would be a guitar solo." I could only giggle in my mind at how cute that was. But still...I was highly impressed with the lyrics.

About 5 minutes later....he is back!

"Mom...I think I need another kiss Codington" So I give him a big hug and kiss. Then he says...."Mom...Do you think we could get commoner catipillars so we can hatch more butterflies?" I told him we have to wait until spring now.

Finally...he goes to bed. He just always has a million questions.

When Chad and I went to bed, I talked to him about maybe getting Ian a small pet of his own to take care of. He has such a nurturing heart that I think it maybe good for him to have something of his own to take care of.

I have NOOOO idea what a good small pet would be for him. I said it would have to be something he could hold and something that wouldn't bite. Chad says I've ruled out a lot of the small animal category. Especially since I don't want another dog and he is allergic to cats.
If you have ideas for a good pet for a kid....feel free to share them with me.

Today, I think we will go hiking together with my in-laws. That would be fun!


The Prophet said...

Ahhh... the Praise Team days. I'm hoping to get back into that soon. How 'bout an Iguana?

Anonymous said...

When we were kids we had guinea pigs. They fit the criteria. They very rarely bite and usually don't cause allergy flare ups. They're bigger than a hamster but smaller than a rabbit, and I loved raising mine. They love to cuddle and usually handle well.

My brothers had rats. My oldest brother trained his to sit on his shoulder. She was a very sweet thing and they're very clean animals.

(At one point or another we had hamsters, mice, rabbits and fish also... not to mention both dogs and cats! My poor mother lived in a zoo!)

So... there ya go. :)

The Prophet said...

I'm glad you were able to listen to your son, especially when your patience wore thin. Who knows how much it'll pay off later down the road?