Monday, October 16, 2006

The days of our lives....

Or should I say as the world turns....Could be young and restless too...I have no idea.

Last night I got home to find that Ian had taken a knife to his clothes and cut them up. What would ever possess a child to do this? I have no idea. I hate to even put it down on my blog as I feel it defines him as a person. I know it's not him or his usual behavior. But now...I have to make sure every knife and sizzors are put up in the house. Not that I fear him hurting anyone or himself, but I can't afford to buy new things all the time.

So then, if that wasn't enough, I got a call from the school today. "Did Ian have a $100.00 bill when he came to school today?" My reaction was "What?" No he did not!!!! So I checked with Chad and sure enough, his $100.00 was missing. Ian told the school he found it on the playground...then he said he found it on the front steps of the school. So now...our money is gone, and the school is holding it waiting to see if anyone comes in to claim it.

What is a mother to do?


The Prophet said...

Why not "All My Children"

Shane Coffman said...

Is it possible the kids at school have been making fun of his clothes?

Just a thought.

You have quite the challenge in your hands right now. I am praying for your patience and endurance.

Jeanne said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Brenda! This is all so much, but there are so many of us standing in the gap praying for you. Please know that when your heart is too weak to pray there is a chorus of others who are shourting your name & Ian's before the throne of God. One of our moments like this was when our confused and lost lamb soaked a candle in lighter fluid and lit it and left the room almost setting his bedroom on fire while his brother was asleep in the bedroom! Hang in there God will see all of you through this!

The Prophet said...

My apologies if the first comment sounded insensitive. I really didn't intend for it to be.

I'll let you know that I'm remembering you in my prayers... not just because you're in my home state, but because you're my sister in Christ.

Hang in there.