Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Does that title get your attention? It should!

What is it that Satan loves to steal? EVERYTHING!

One in particular is your joy! Because Joy bring SOOO many beautiful things that God intended to give us that Satan can't wait to rob you of it.

He's the real Joy killer. He tells us lies that hurt us beyond repair. He tells us things that make us feel that we are not worthy!

I suffer GREATLY from that! So many times in my life, including now, I struggle to find my self worth again. And every time, I know what God tells me about myself is the TRUTH! Yet, Satan comes in again to destroy all the worth I have. GRRRR!!!!!

The lies I fall for every time:

It doesn't matter WHAT I DO, I will never be able to measure up!

There is nothing I can do that is ever sufficient or pleasing.

I can try my hardest, AND I WILL STILL FAIL!

I am optional!!!! There is no one that I am a vital person to! I am easily replace and forgotten!

I don't have a purpose. I'm not making an impact. I don't make a difference.

The only reason people include me is because they feel sorry for me.

They don't really want to be around me. I am a burden on others.

Friend let me tell you....this is all a LIE! God gives us such peace and joy in times like this. He has the most unbelievable amount of patience in our times of despair. His love and acceptance is all that matters here on Earth! We should not look to please anyone else but Him. And if you don't feel like what you are doing is pleasing, then do something different. Different doesn't mean DRASTIC like my often changing hair just means tweak what you are doing somehow!
If you need a good cry....go cry! If you need to yell...go yell! If you need to lean on the shoulder of someone who cares for you...then do that too. But don't let Satan destroy you by taking away the joy of something that you have loved for so long and have such great passion for....just because you think you are worthless.
YOU ARE AMAZING, EXCITING, VALUED, and even if you don't realize are doing SOMETHING that is making a difference in the lives of others. Just because you don't HEAR it or SEE it happening, doesn't mean that God is not working through you. He is! God doesn't have to yell to get his point across. Most of the time, it comes in the deepest whispers of your heart!

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