Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Being Random Again

I feel odd when I have nothing to blog. So much I could much I probably shouldn't say. So...there is random.

* My semester is now 1/2 over. Last year this time, I was sick and Chad was sick. Praise God we made it through.

* I find that since I quit watching kids have pretty much quit too. Their attitudes are different, they are more loving, I see less fighting, and their minds are more creative. Still hard to get them to do their homework though.

* I have discovered that I like making videos. However, I found out that my OCD style makes it frustrating for me to get it "just right".

* Lukus' football team is now 6-0.

* My Thursday morning class at 6:30am is WAY TOO EARLY!!!!

* I wonder if I will want to stay in the house after it is fixed up? NO!

* I find that speaking into a microphone in front of an audience is MUCH HARDER than singing in front of an audience. Weird huh?

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