Saturday, October 11, 2008

Give it ALL.....

Wow...this is one of those blogs where I have idea where to start.

Do you ever have something so heavy in your life that the only way to deal with control it yourself?

So many times, I try and try to give things over to God. But don't give it ALL to him.

Many times when I pray, I will get down on one knee. Nothing really wrong with that. Instead of kneeling on both knees, it's just would that count as only partially giving something to God?
Does praying on one knee mean "I still want some control myself?"

Before God can do anything for us, He must have all of us. We must pray on both knees.


Lindsay said...

Praying that He will gently teach you how to pray on both knees.

Love you!

Hannah said...

ya me too. oh, and btw I love that idea of praying on both knees...give God our all. It's something I'll have to work on too.
Love you.

Linda L said...

I like the open-hands approach too. Linda Jones taught me that in a ladies class several years ago. At first it was a little awkward for made me feel really vulnerable, but then I thought, that's how I NEED to be with God. I need to be willing to open myself up to HIS healing and leading. To give it all up to Him. I find it very natural to pray with open hands now.