Sunday, June 22, 2008


I LOVE a good sandwich! Growing up I remember every Sunday night after church (yes...Sunday night church) we had Campbell's soup and sandwiches. I remember the smell and remember my mom opening the can of chicken noodle that I couldn't wait to eat. I always wondered why she bought so many cans when we went to the store. Now I know...that little bit, doesn't go very far.

I've often been complimented on the varities that I have chosen to make for my family and friends over the years. Most of my friends know they can come over anytime for a good sandwhich...or a loaded baked potato!

So today for lunch, we enjoyed some of my finest with what we had in the fridge. Ham, Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato (without salmonella), pickles, white bread, salt and pepper. Sounds pretty simple...but maybe it's in the bread...but whatever it is simple and good on a summer day. Lukus chose to eat the traditional PB&J and that's okay. Apparently when mom makes's pretty good.

The's a simple little thing. I don't really know what makes it so special...or so good....but most people enjoy them and they bring a smile to their face. Maybe it's the fact that it's easy....or then again...maybe it's that good memory from home that just hits you right every time.

What's your favorite sandwich??


Tammy said...

My favorite is a BLT with the bacon crisp and the lettuce and tomato home grown. Guess that is a good back home recipe from my mom too :)

(Theresa, do you want to tell her or should I, that she spelled 'sandwich' 3 different ways?)

Brenda said...

Ha! That's really funny! I even spell checked it. So just to annoy those that have to have things in "order" I'm leaving it! ;O)

Tammy....I too love a BLT. I don't make a lot of bacon at home but I do on occassion make BLT's. My mom did that one too! For now, I settle for Sonic's BLT's!!!

Brenda said...

Okay...nevermind! I changed my mind for fear of...well...I don't know really!

Tammy said...


Theresa said...

Sammich is the proper way to spell it.

And BLT is also my fave. :)