Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Deeper moments...

I want to blog....but don't know what to say.
I have so much to say and no way to get it out. Blogging it would not be beneficial.

This is where prayer is so beneficial. I can speak softly, cry, yell, or not speak at all and God knows the throughts that go through my head. He's the only one that matters. We sing songs like "When we all get to Heaven"..."Everybody will be happy over there"..."Paradise Valley"..."Heaven Came Down"..."I walk with the King"..."He still came"....just to name a few. And so many times I pray "Please God, hurry up...I'm waiting" I'm ready for the day that we can spend eternal life with Him.

But while I'm here, I love that we sing songs like "His Grace Reaches Me"

All else....doesn't matter.

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