Friday, June 13, 2008

Toe Pick

I can say now the secret is out. (Thanks to my mother) The kids now know about my ice skating days. So we had an afternoon of "dress up" as Emilie now decides she wants to follow in my footsteps! Yikes!

I think I must have worn this outfit when I was about 8 or 9. I can't remember. Of course...the skates were my last pair so they didn't fit her.

This was the team USA jacket for the 1992 winter olympics in Albertville, France. I have pants to match too, but we were just playing with the jacket.

The last moment was a photo opportunity caught by Lukus as we were playing. He's always willing to jump in and take some candid moments! Notice that HIGH arch in my foot??? I got that from wearing those skates! Ouch!

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Theresa said...

I'm still cracking up about "I will cut you with my blade". Oi.. that made me giggle. :)