Friday, June 13, 2008

Enjoying a night out!

Okay, so Chad and I love to have romantic nights out. HOWEVER, we do have children! But the funny thing is, our kids love to see that side of us. Guess they want to know that we are still "in love". So tonight, we went down to the river and then out to dinner. We had a fabulous time, even with them there! Here are a few highlights! (*disclaimer: the best part of the above photo was not exactly the OU shirt)

Emilie is getting great in her photography skills! She shot this one in the dark on the bridge while the wind was blowing!

I have no idea on earth what this was about. I heard "Hey take our picture" and then here ya go. I didn't even notice the dew bottle until I got home and laughed uncontrollably!

What you don't see in the backgroud is Emilie is sitting on the ledge praying not to fall in the water. We didn't hold this pose for very long!

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