Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just Stuff....

We went to see Phantom of the Opera last night and I had the best time! I had a headache so it did make the night a bit uncomfortable but it was worth every moment and every penny we spent on going. We went with the best group of people I could ever want to spend an evening with. I hope we can do it more often.

We leave Wednesday morning for Nashville. I'm so excited. But yet....I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO! Not only do I have to get ready, but I have to get Ian's birthday party planned for Sunday afternoon. So I have to have everything done by Tuesday and I still am up to my ears in errands.

It's okay though. If it doesn't get done then that's okay. The world will not end. The celebrations will go on. And fun will be had by all. I get overwhelmed when I have about 5 list of things to do in just a few days, but at some point, I'm going to come up and take a breath of air. ;O)


Tammy said...

I am sooo with you! I have list of lists to write :) At least we don't have birthdays this month.

And I loved Phantom of the Opera!!! Would love to go again but it kinda blew our budget.

Love you!!

Linda L said...

I have a ton of things to do too! Just trying to remember what to pack for Nashville, and what to leave here for Kansas City is making my head spin. I'm going to have to make two lists, I guess actually three so I will remember what to take on the plane and what can be brought back in the van. I'm going to have to pack double I think ;o(!!

Lindsay said...

If you guys all have so much to do, why are you spending so much time blogging about how much you have to do??? =D