Monday, May 05, 2008


Today is the 5th day post op. Bedrest is for the birds! I have slept enough for the rest of the year. Or maybe I have slept enough for all the sleep I have lost. Who knows. My medication keeps me groggy and down all the time so that's not really fun. I finally started to eat a little yesterday. I haven't felt like eating since the surgery.

I feel so blessed to have many friends that came by to visit and those that still call just to carry on a conversation so I don't get bored. I may not have anything interesting to talk about, so it's fun to have others call me and tell me something funny so I can laugh. I think laughter is the best medicine. So anyone with good jokes or funny stories...feel free to send them my way! Or call me! I love to hear from you.

The food that has been brought by has been wonderful. The generosity is wonderful. I wish people would stay and visit. Being here gets pretty lonely. You can only read so can only watch TV so much. After a while, everyone needs that human touch, a hug, some laughter, etc.

So, this is my boring blog. Not much to say. Just needing something different to do.


Linda L said...

Brenda, Happy Cinco de Mayo! Thinking of you and hope each day gets better. Oh, if you want some-thing to laugh at, ask Wes about the cattle prod. It has to do with the basses learning to follow directions or risk getting zapped!!
Love you - LL

Brenda said...

Oh my word!!! What on earth did I miss on Thursday??? I know the need guidance but a cattle prod??? Was that a threat from Shane??? Say it aint so!!!

Tammy said...

I would have thought the tenors would need it to hit all the high notes Zoe writes...but you know how basses are!