Sunday, May 18, 2008


Really I did it to myself this time!!!! ;o)

I have nothing to complain about really. I was so excited that I was released from bed rest on Friday that I did everything I could. Sure...I moved about slowly, but it was SO nice to get out of the house.

Saturday Chad and I decided to head up to Bentonville to pay a visit to our friends there. We had such a great time laughing, grilling, and just being plain silly. That's how you know you are great friends! You can laugh together and cry together and nobody thinks anything different of you. The ride in the car to Bentonville was not bad at all, but the coming home part, was much more of a challenge for me.

I managed to get enough sleep that night but only to wake up with the most horrible stiff neck. I don't know if it was the way I slept or the trip itself that caused that. But I will say, it just hurts.

Church this morning was amazing as I watched the parents bless their seniors off into the world. I look forward to the day that my children will grow to be adults and I look forward to them growing in the kingdom and doing kingdom work for the glory of God. They make me proud!

This afternoon, Chad took the boys fishing and Emilie and I went out with Theresa for pedicures and dinner. We had a great time and Emilie is just as precious as always.

After all that fun was over Theresa and I (with our husbands blessings) decided to take up an invitation from some of the ladies at church to go out to a movie. We saw "Made of Honor" and is a total chick flick but a nice feel good movie that was very funny.

I had an amazing time this weekend, but have to admit, have caused myself much pain that started before the movie, and now require more pain killers! Ah! Well, guess I can't always have so much fun huh?

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