Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fabulous Mother's Day!

Yay for Mother's day!

I feel so blessed today!

My morning started off a little rough because I didn't get a good nights rest. I was trying to be brave and get out of the house for a moment on Saturday night and it was a little too much. What seemed like VERY LITTLE too me seemed like EVERYTHING to my body. So last night's sleep was not very slumber!

Chad and the kids woke up and headed off to church. When they came back home they had a handfull of gifts!
I have an entire collection now of Bath and Body stuff that I absolutely love! There is not a better gift for me than something from Bath and Body Works!
Then, Emilie hands me all these cards from her class and the KPC's from church wishing me a happy mother's day and get well wishes. HOW CUTE!!! Again...not expected but a nice surprise.

Shane and Alice joined us for lunch. Wait! Scratch that! THEY COOKED US LUNCH ON OUR GRILL!!! And it was very tastey! This is our first cookout of the year and I couldn't think of anyone better to spend it with. They stayed most of the afternoon and kept me company. I have to tell it all though, Shane did play Dance Dance Revolution with Ian. Not once...but many times! I didn't go and watch, but I could hear it from the other room, and he sounded pretty good!

My parents came over for a light dinner and desert and just headed out the door. I feel so blessed by my family and friends. They have been so good to me.

My plan this week is to try to increase my activity a little each day so that when Friday comes around, I will be able to drive again and hopefully by then, all the pain and side effects will be to a minimum. But as for now, I am still taking it easy as I don't want to make things worse. I'm ready to get better now!


Terry said...

Hi, Brenda! I know the account says Terry, but now this is Janet Laudett. Terry said he saw the link to your blog on Terry Rush's, so I came to check it out--had no idea you'd had surgery! You'll be in my prayers for a recovery that's as quick and painless as possible! Blessings Janet

Jeanne said...

Precious friend,

I have been absent during your recovery but you have not been absent from my prayers and thoughts. Trying to finish the school year and get a daughter married is more than I can keep up with right now. Please know I love you and think and pray for you often. I've been where you are, it does get better with time, but it really does take time (quite a lot of it actually!) I love you!

Brenda said...

Thanks Jeanne! I didn't realize that the recovery would really take this long but really does. I didn't get out and walk today as I am more tired than I expected. But the day isn't over yet. Thanks for your prayers.

Hannah said...
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Hannah said...

Hey friend.
I'm so glad that you got to spend mother's day with shane, alice, and your family. (I'd give any thing to see shane doing DDR. =D) Anyway, it definately sounds like God blessed your mothers day. I'm so glad that he did. I pray for your continual recovery...
Love you.