Monday, November 05, 2007

Quickest way to lose weight!

In case you have ever wondered just how much weight you could lose ya go!

Procedure Estimated Immediate Weight Loss

Clip finger and toenails 1 ounce maximum

Haircut 2-6 ounces
Drastic Haircut / Headshave 4-12 ounces
Trim Body Hair 1 oz. (ladies) 3 oz. (men) 24 lbs (Greek men)

Remove a wart 1 oz.

Take a diuretic 1-3 pounds (temporary)
Take a laxative 1-2 pounds (temporary)
Colon Therapy / Take an Enema 2-3 pounds (temporary)
Poop 0-2 pounds (temporary)

Run a marathon on a hot day 3 lbs (women), 5 lbs (men) (temporary)

Amputate your arm 10-25 lbs (way too permanent)
Amputate your leg 15-45 lbs (again, not advised)

Vascetomy none.

Take a big pee. up to 1.5 pounds
Take a big dump up to 2.5 pounds

Go barefoot 1-2 pounds
Go Naked 1-8 pounds (summer vs. winter)

Contact lenses vs. Glasses 0.3 pounds

No liquids all day 1-2 pounds
No food all day 2-3 pounds
No salt all day 0-1 pound

Don't wear underwear 1 oz. (thong)-2 lbs. (granny panties)

Exfoliating face wash nothin.

Liposuction 10 lbs maximum per surgery

Donate a kidney 3 pounds.

Breast Reduction Surgery 5-15 pounds typically.

So, which one would you choose?

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