Sunday, November 11, 2007


I want to live the simple life! I loved growing up! We had 5 channels on TV, no cell phones, one car, and a life of the right priorities. Mostly because we didn't have the money. When other kids came over to play they would gasp "You don't have cable???" I was embarrassed at the time.
I took my lunch to school everyday and had the same bologna and cheese sandwich everyday I think for 5 years! (my dad took the same lunch everyday too! I thought that was cool)

Finally we had technology going in, and now I'm trying to get technology out. Well, not really out, just reduced!

I have found that by bringing in more technology into my life, that it runs us into financial ruin. Internet, cable, cell phone, computers, etc. These are things that just consume our lives can not only consume you, they can break you financially.

This past week we made some changes.

We downgraded our Internet to not be so "high speed". I can live with a slower connection.

We downgraded our cable so that we have less things to corrupt our eyes with. Who needs 900 channels!!!! I'm happy with 5 channels and an antennae.

We downgraded our cell phone! Yes, you heard me right!!! Downgraded the cell phone to not have so many minutes. We have a home phone and I can communicate from that from now on. The less minutes I have, the less I will talk on the phone.

We are looking for the priorities in our lives right now. We can't give in the places we want to give because we are living with the wrong priorities. When you sit back and look at what you can really live without, your perspective really changes.

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