Thursday, September 27, 2007


Do you ever notice your a change in yourself when you are tired? I am a totally different person when I am tired! I'm become the quiet introvert! It's pretty amusing to me. It's not that often that I get this tired.

I spent the past 3 days at Dry Gulch camp with over 200 6th graders from Ian's middle school. Now, everyone who knows me really knows this is not my thing. I go to camp once a year with our kiddos from church and I absolutely love it. Now I have been to Dry Gulch and love it too. Do you think that God is working on me? This is not one of my strengths but maybe now it is becoming one of them.

I was put into a bunk with Ian and 14 other boys. This was very challenging to say the least. But I couldn't have asked for a better group of well behaved boys. I got my bluff in with them early so they knew I meant business and didn't try any funny stuff.

We did so much stuff there that I can't possibly name it all. I have to say that my favorite had to be the horseback riding. I had to laugh though because I was riding a muel! Not a horse.

We danced quite a bit this week, I made some new friends with the moms and dads that went, and had some bonding one on one time with Ian. It was a great week. They don't do this again until the 8th grade and I am already looking forward to then.

And on an ending note...I just have to say...I love my kids. I know at times they are so diffcult to be around...but I truly love them. Not only because I am their mom, but because they are truly great kids. I could just sit and watch them all day and never get tired of it. I love their questions, their curiosity, and their laughs. Kids are so fun and innocent and I love that God wants us to be childlike because I think I achieved that this week. But right about now, that is all catching up with my actual age.

Oh...and one more final note...following that last ending note....;o)
The kids had an assignment to get together and write a song to present to the entire camp on Thursday morning. There were 22 bunks that presented their songs and can you believe....MY BUNK CABIN WON!!! I helped them write lyrics to "We will rock you" and they loved it. They wern't the only group to use that song, but we were the only group with cool lyrics to it. I was very proud of them for winning. They did a great job. to bed!

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I love you today!