Monday, September 10, 2007

I have a dream....

In our town we have many Church's of Christ. In my life, I have been members of 3 of these congregations.

This summer we went to Jr. Camp with one of the other churches and we had some great discussions about their church, our church, and the others as well. I loved that we all came to the same conclusion...."We are all one body of Christ".

We discussed all the things we could do together and how powerful we could be if we got our two churches together. Camps, night's of praise, picnic's, softball tournaments, etc. and inviting our outside neighbors for the fun of all of it.
Even on Workshop Wednesday....what if we only had 1 place to go and we were all there together??? HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE? Do you know how many people leave from one church and go to another on that night so that they can get a taste of everything that is going on and see friends in both places? What if we had it all in just one location! One big celebration. Do we not do it because one church wants chicken and the other wants pizza? I certainly think that we can have our cake and eat it too!

I am all about seeking the lost outside our 4 walls of the church building. Our Father wants that from us. I'm sad about those that leave other congregations that are not happy. I'm sad for those that leave ours too. I believe within our walls we have so many that are lost and are still searching for something. How do we identify what IT is? How do we help those within our family so that we can be glorifying God together which will eventaully lead us to our friends outside that we haven't met yet? What it is that we, or any other church, is lacking?

I left the church I grew up in after my family left and I graduated high school. I wasn't mad and feel very loved when I return. I can't pinpoint the reason we left exactly, but I think for me it was an identity thing. I went there my entire life and when my parents quit going, I was bombarded with questions of why and when are they returning. Those are questions I did not have answers for and still do not.

About 3 years later we joined another church after the birth of our first child. They loved on us and it immediately became home to us. We stayed there for 9 years and loved it. As things changed for our family, location was huge for us. We needed something closer to home so we decided it was time for another change...but didn't know what God was going to do for us.

Now we live 4 minutes from our church family and it feels like home. We love it, can't get enough of it, and they truly make us feel like we are special. We are not special, we are God's chosen children and that is what is important. What excites me is that this church doesn't have to make us feel special, but they do. Without even trying. They do it in so many ways and I am the lucky one. I am blessed!

So my sadness comes in when I feel a part of 3 church families that don't really interact with eachother. We do some occasional things together, but I'm talking support. We're in the same town! As I watch these two struggle, I can't help but can we show Kingdom love and Kingdom support to them?
What if we just show up for one of their church services on a Sunday and surprise them? Let them know we are on their side. What if we hold a picnic in their honor....and invite them? What if we join them at their place for the workshop shindig, what if we do missions together, what if we camp together, what if, what if, what if???? I could go on all day!

It maybe far fetched...but it's my way of saying..."I have a dream"

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