Thursday, September 06, 2007

Misson work on Youtube?

Can you do mission work through Youtube??? I think so!
Last year we made the video of Ian regarding Aspergers Syndrome. I left it posted on and left it open to any comments. I have been surprised at the things others have said. Especially from all around the world. I'll share a few with you!
hey hello
my name's benito
am living in brussels the capital of europe
i was diagonosed with asperger when i was 15
onestly i grater never would've know it

i think the best would be if you don't let your son go to deep init
not make him think that he's much diffrent
it can be a gift sometimes if you learn how to juse it
i am 18 know an still strugglin with it , but am getting trough
am sure you're son will to
keep him bussy as posible
and guide him trough , and eventwully he'll make it trough
i never had any help for it , i had to find it all out my self , i have it verry hard with doing stuff that i don't control my self , like working for a boss and stuff , but thats all a thought , if you afraid to lose you can be certain that you will lose ..
am sure he'll find his way
try to understand him because he dosen't understand himself
though i tell my self that am no diffrent that am just making excuses , it is harder
every corner i have to think and think and think to make it trough ,
guide him trough his hard times and am verry sure that he'll make it ...
well justed wanted to say hello and give my respeckt
much luv from brussels

for Ian
Never give up, Be yourself, yes life is hard, but that is what will make you stronger. I would like to share with you with a story that has helped me in my life

In Australia there grows eucaliptus trees. Left alone the tree can grow to an astounding hight within the space of just a couple of years. Unfortunately something else is present in Australia and that is high winds. As you probably know the part of the tree we can see i.e. the trunk and branches grow much much faster than the roots so these left alone trees which are very tall but have developed very shallow roots get blown over and ripped out of the ground. However luckily for the trees there is something else in Austrailia that eats eucaliptus trees, the koala bear. The koala eats the shoots and leaves of the tree which makes it grow a lot slower which gives the roots a chance to grow deep and strong into the earth. These trees when the winds come are able to withstand the force due to their deep strong roots. This story may seem a bit wierd but look at it this way: we are like the trees and the koalas are like all of the bad things people say or do to to us. They hurt like mad as if we are being eaten away at, but it makes us grow strong roots so that when bigger challenges come such as the strong wind for the trees we are more able to handle it.

Friendship is hard to find in this world sometimes but you will make it, I believe in you
God Bless you

Thanks so much for the information. I am not yet sure how I will procede. I know my son will not be receptive to the idea... as he already verbalizes how much he dislikes me reading books, etc. on child behavior.
He doesn't get in a lot of trouble at school, it's just I don't think they truly understand him. He can be very shy, independent, confident, argumentative and shut-down so easily that I think they view him as stubborn, rude, arrogant and disrespectful (but very smart)..... and this is the reason I am considering having him evaluated... as you said, without the diagnosis, there isn't a whole lot you can do with the school. But also, so that we can help him help himself. Academically he is doing just fine, even tested as gifted, and excels in math... it's mainly social skills.

My greatest fear is getting him "labeled" and that it would be a mistake... then it would be something that I could never take back. For my son, Adam, I feel that he is on the mild end of the spectrum and that it is more of a personality than anything that requires medications,etc. I was hoping to have a heart-to-heart with his teacher at the start of the school year and avoid having him diagnosed...but maybe I'm just in denial. How does your son handle the diagnosis? Do you make other parents and children aware of the diagnosis? I understand it is all in how it is presented, that it is not a disease, just characteristics, etc... I just want to do the right thing.
Tammy- Tulsa, OK

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