Friday, March 09, 2007

Good Church vs. Bad Church

What is the difference? Is there a difference? What is your opinion?

I was in my vocal class this week and we started talking about church. I asked one of the girls where she goes to church and she said she doesn't anymore.
When I asked her why, I got that typical answer..."We got burned where we were going and we won't go back."
She went on to tell me how much she doesn't like the politics of church and all the hypocracy that comes with it.
My reply was..."Well, you just haven't found the right one yet"

I'm not sure that was the best thing I could have said, but at the moment, that's the best I could come up with. When I spoke of how exciting our church was and how they accept you no matter what, she seemed very disinterested.
I was discouraged.

She seems to be a very spiritual woman with a great love for the Lord. If so, then why not go to church.

I struggle with this so much. When I graduated high school, my entire family stopped going to church. Pretty much for the same reasons she stated.
Now, it's very difficult to even get my own husband to take our kids to church.

What is the missing link here?

I know we look to seek and save the lost...but what about those that have wanderred off? Are they lost? Is it okay to take a sabatical?
When is it okay to no longer attend church? Because the people I encouter on a daily basis, feel their way of life is just fine and they don't need the surroundings or christian friends and a christian family.

Me....I can't live without it!


Jeanne said...

I think the danger in not attending church is the isolation. Some people feel it even when they are there with 1oo+ people. That's one of satan's biggest lies - that we are all alone and no one cares. I've been in those shoes when I didn't want to be there and even though I had people around me that I knew in my head loved me, I felt so terribly alone. I forced myself to keep going. I could always feel satan snickering in the background, "You just wait until I get you alone!" I think that's the danger, ever giving in to being alone. There really is strength and safety in numbers. Even when it's not easy, or when we really don't feel like going - I always feel better for going.

Rick said...

I don't know about others but for me the assembly, the classes, the singing, are an absolute necessity. I need to be nourished and encouraged and likewise I need to do the same for others. Every time we open a door for Satan to move in he lunges through. He instantly fills every void we leave open. I pity those who try to live a life of faith without the support and closeness of a loving church family. I have lived that life and it led to much sorrow and trial. Only through the grace of God was I drawn back into a relationship with those who could help rekindle the fire within me that Satan had extinguished when I chose the way of the world over the way of the King. Brenda, your faithfulness inspires me. I know that it is a struggle for you not being able to join us on Sunday but I know that you are doing His work wherever you are.

Brenda said...

Jeanne, I too have been in those shoes and can't say it feels good. It's so hard to be in your own church and feel totally isolated.
Satan is clever, but our God is so much bigger.

Rick..thanks for stopping by! Those things are a necessity and my favoirites. What you said reminds me of giving and taking. You have some people that are great givers. Givers of encouragment, praise, prayer, etc. You have others that are great at taking from those that give so much. Then what you hope to have is a balance of both in between. I too can't imagine a life without a church family. Even right now..not being able to attend as much...I feel closess from several in the church. It's what we are about and how are we going to get each other to the kingdom. TOGETHER. Thanks for your encouragement to me as well.

Carrie said...

WHAT A GREAT BLOG! We had one of Legrands friends over from work and we talked about this all night....mmmh how funny! I agree with Jeanne and Rick....
I know when we first moved here, I did not want to jump right into church.....I needed to pray and figure out what God wanted for us and where he needed us to be....but while I was waiting.....I was MISSING church so badly.....I have God in my heart and I need people to uplift and encourage me.....that is what church is for....but I know some people who have a great relationship with the Lord and do not attend is hard to say, but I believe ....ok it doesn't matter what I believe...but like you I WANT TO BE AT CHURCH.....
Love ya!!!