Thursday, March 15, 2007

Assistance on the street...

Last night I assisted in my first wreck on the street.

After church, I had gone through the drive through at Arby's at 15th & Memorial. We were waiting for our food and gazing off at the street and all of the sudden I see this lady SLAM into the back of a truck. It was an unbelieveable sight.
I knocked on the window and told them to bring my food to the car so I could go and check on them.
I got to the truck that was hit that had a family with small children on board. They were all just fine. However, I got to the car that hit them and this elderely lady (probably 70-80 yrs old) was unconconcious. The bad part was, all of her doors were locked and I could not get in to help her.
Other people passing by were trying to get in without any luck. They were ready to break her windows out. I could see she was breathing so I asked them to not do anything until help arrived. I didn't want others to move her in case she had hurt her back or neck. If I didn't have to breath for her or get her heart going again I knew we were in good shape!!!
Finally when the fire dept showed up, she woke up...however, she had no clue what was going on. She would NOT open the door. They finally broke the window and were able to get her out safely.
I knew if she was breathing, she was okay so I wasn't too worried.
The car was completely totaled. I'm thankful that this one will not be one of my patients at work this weekend. I think she'll be okay.

Next time, I think she should take the bus.

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Heather said...

Wow! I'm thankful God placed you there at that time... and prepared you through the past few years to know what to do for her.