Monday, March 26, 2007

Exhausted?? YES!!! is a 3 letter word to answer that question very well! I am so tired and it's hard to get back into the swing of school today. I love the workshop every year and I can't wait 12 more months to do it again.

My personal favorites:
#1...We'll start with the obvious for me....GETTING TO GO TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY MORNING!!!
Yeah...was that the coolest or what? I can't say how many times people came up to me and said "You're not supposed to be here!" Normally, I would find that offensive...but the fact that they recognized that I was there...and I haven't been for 8 months was such a bonus.
It was great to worship with the family again and OH!!!! COMMUNION!!! Can I tell you that I cried through the entire thing. (of couse..when do I not cry?) The fact that I could sit with our family and take in the body of Christ was so overwhelming. I have no words. My breath was taken away. I didn't want to look like an idiot crying so much but I just couldn't help it. It was a beautiful and sweet experience for me to join in again.

#2....The end of church service when the children started coming up and handing the group money. It was so overwhelming....I started crying again. I'm so excited for our friends to go to South Africa and also sad we're not going with them. There's a lot of money to raise in this short amount of time and I am certain that God will provide more moments like yesterday for them to be able to make the trip without any debt. What happened yesterday during the last song could only have been orchestrated by God and it was a beautiful thing.

#3...The sermons that I did get to hear. I'm always blessed by Terry Rush each week via DVD but it was nice to see him again in person. Jeff Walling is always a personal favorite and I was blown away to look over and see my husband in tears during Jeff's message. That is just he needed. That makes me happy.
I love to hear David Fraze and look forward to the next time I can hear him speak God's word in a way that is so interesting.

#4...All my friends in the same place at the same time. I shouldn't call them friends...but family. I look forward to the next event where we will spend time together this year. I wish we could get them here more often.

#5...My kids being really good....other than asking me for a ton of money.

#6...Singing on Wednesday night of workshop. You talk about a rush!!! It was so great getting to look out and see all those smiling faces praising God. It's so not about us singing the songs, but about how God works through us to reach others. I love being one of God's vessels to communicate the message in whatever way that I can. I love that He loves me so much that He will use me for that purpose.

#7....Singing on Thursday night. This was just one of those experiences you would just have to have been there for. It was so much fun and moving. I was surprised I made it to the end of the song before crying. Again....I'm a cryer!

#8....Hearing the praise team sing "There's No God like Jahovah" and seeing Shane have to stand on the stage!!! (PRICELESS)

#9....Did I mention I had the weekend off from work?

#10...The moments that were orchestrated by God. I can't tell you how many of those expereinces I had this weekend. Small little things that only happened by God's devine intervention. I met some amazing people this week and shook the hands of many I didn't know and never will. But if I can touch the hand of one person and communicate God's love, grace, and mercy through whatever it is He calls me to do, then I know I've had a successful day, week, year, or life.


Shane Coffman said...

Regarding #8...Notice how Keith took over the lead on the bridge on that song?

It was planned, my friend... ;) Ha, ha!

Jeanne said...

Workshop was indeed wonderful! I was telling my co-teacher about Thursday night today and the God-bumps and the tears started rolling! She attends one of the congregations that ignores the workshop and makes it a point to NOT promote it. She was so frustrated that she missed it.

As for Sunday morning, I was sitting behind you and crying right along with you! It was so good seeing a sister I dearly love there. You enriched my worship by not holding back the tears and allowing the Spirit to sweep over you by expressing through your tears how much it means to be there.

I also enjoyed #8! And I did notice that Keith took over at the part, but if I'm not mistaken, I noticed a smile spread across Shane's face! Could it be that he was thinking, "My sister, Brenda, is just going to LOVE this!"

love you girl!

Brenda said...

Jeanne...I just love you! Not a little...but A LOT!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one crying in my expressions of happiness and joy. I need to start the "tears of joy" club! Wanna join? ha!
And yes..I was thinking the same thing...but I was sitting too far away to see if Shane was smiling. I figured he probably had some smirk on his face and yes...thinking that very thing. I DID LOVE IT....and I rock out to hillsongs version of it everyday in my car!!! Starting each day saying "There's no God like Jahovah" is a powerful way to GET-R-DONE!!!!
Love you girl!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe I missed..."There's No God Like Jehovah!!!!!!! AHHHHH.....why did I miss all the good stuff????:) Carrie

Vicki said...

good times as always... can't wait till next year!!!

#11 - smoky, stained couches


Brenda said...

Vicki~ year...we'll rethink that whole couch thing! We'll put our sniffers on! Should have gone with the black!