Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm not old! But I'll GLOW!

I've been waiting to meet with the orthopedic surgeon for the past 10 days. Today was my day.

I left my clinical early to arrive on time but yet, I had to wait almost 1 hour in that cozy little room with paper on the bed while staring at the multiple pictures on the wall of the "PERFECT Spine"

Finally, he walks in and oh my goodness, you can tell this man has a chip on his shoulder today. He wouldn't look at me and just said "Why are you here today". (in a not so nice tone)

I started from the beginning which was about 3 weeks ago and he really didn't seem to care....he just wanted to look at my x-rays from the previous doc.

He looks.....he's silent.....and finally says "Well, I don't know where they are coming up with that! I can't tell anything by these x-rays"

So guess what.....I go across the hall for more xrays.
(I think I should be pretty radiant by now!)

I am just sure at this point he is going to come back in and tell me that my other doctors are just plain nuts and all I am looking at is a pulled muscle. I'm just sure of it.

So he comes back and proceeds to put the xrays up on the lights. He's very abrupt and arrogant acting while this is going on. But once again, he is silent. HUMMMM.
I finally ask him "Well???"

I don't think I should have asked because I didn't really want to hear the next thing out of his mouth. He said...."maybe they were might have a fracture"

SHOOT! :o(

I said...."Well, if that is the case, what is the healing time?"
He says..."There's not.....we'll have to go in surgically and place a screw in your spine to hold it together"

Now....I'm silent.

He then proceeds to tell me that the other pain I am feeling are just he effects of "OLD AGE"! Okay! NOW!!! I am talking to a man who has grey hair and probably not all his own teeth and he is calling me OLD. Wow!
He not only said it once.....but 4 times. He told me that at age 37....things will get worse. Guess there's a magical thing about the number 37! Not sure what!

So....I now know that I have to have ANOTHER CT scan next week, I am 52 days away from being "OVER THE HILL", I have a pressure point weakness in my "gluteal muscle", I may need a screw in my back, and that not 1, not 2, but yet 3 doctors now cannot figure out what is wrong with me. All I can tell you is that by the time all of this is over, I will GLOW from all the radiation I have been exposed to.

I live such a blessed life! To be able to sit here an journal about this just makes me laugh. I tried so hard to make this mans day better, and only once I saw him smile for a brief second,but if all I can get is a brief smile for a $40.00 co-pay...well then I'll take it. I hope that I brightened his day by being his last patient and that maybe he'll think about the quick whitted jokes I thew his way on his drive home and be blessed. I pray he is a MUCH better evening than the day he was having.

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Hannah said...

Brenda, I love your attitude. you're such a good example. All the same...u and ur back will be in my prayers.
Love you!