Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It takes a Village!

Yes, it does take a village, or community, or church, or for crying out loud....takes a lot of work! ;o)

There is just something about children's singing that I love. Wednesday night was a real treat as the KPC's sang. It was hard to hold back the tears while listening to their voices praise and watching the faces in the congregation smile back at them.

There maybe 1 of them that is terrified to be up there. But when all 20 of them together, they become an army for the Lord.

God smiles on them. He puts so much joy in their hearts. Each of them are very unique in their own way. I love that!

They may not always hit the right note....and it's okay. They are kids. More importantly, I want them to praise God with their whole heart and enjoy the experience of worship together. I hope for them, the experience makes coming to church even brighter. Selfishly, it does for me. I can't wait to get in the doors to see them each week.

Workshop Wednesday "Celebrate" & "A New Hallelujah"

One of our more serious moments & Eli singing solo.

Don't believe them! I do not yell at them! I just talk and sing louder! ;o)

Stephen singing his lungs out! Way to go!

This is one of those moments of everyone doing something different!

Where's Alice?

It's all about technique I tell ya!

Ah! A beautiful duet together!

Night #1....stand in a line!

See, we do have fun! ;o)


Lindsay said...

You do a great job with those kiddos! Thank you for all the time, effort and prayers you put into it. They love it, and it is so much fun to watch them praise!

John Dobbs said...

I enjoyed the kiddos at Memorial Drive Wednesday night of the workshop. Awesome ministry!