Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I've found my place.

What kind of theatre person are you?

Sounds kinda like a silly question huh? But it takes all kinds of people to put on a top notch theatre performance. I'm excited as we are getting ready to purchase our tickets to "Wicked" for this summer's performance. I can't wait!

But it got me thinking about how many people it takes to put on such a show. From the directors, actors, writers, musicians, stage hands, PAC workers, and janitors, and even the security that locks up at the end of the night. They all have an important role in making something successful. One is not good without the other.
Sure, one person could get out there and tell the story, but without each other, there just seems to be a void. We have to appreciate the fact that they all bring it to life to portray the message.

That's how it is in life with everything.

Friday I had an event where I was an active part in saving a man's life. I didn't come home and tell Chad. I didn't tell anyone. It was just one of those things that we do. But I was surprised when I got to school on Monday to be recognized by one of my teachers. I hadn't told anyone so how did they know? Several students were surprised I didn't say anything to them about it and kinda mad they didn't get to hear the cool story!
But there was nothing to brag about. Nothing to be praised for. I did not do this alone....I was part of a team. All I did was contribute a very small part.....which turned out to be huge when it was all over. Would it have been a success without my part in it? I will never know. But my role was still important.
I was a small part of saving this man's life and it worked. But really, God worked through us. We had nothing to do with it.
If God wanted him now, he would have taken Him and there is nothing I or we could have done. Sure we are trained this way, but only He knows the outcome. Very rarely do we win them all.

God teaches me so much with such BIG visuals! Apparently, I don't take hints very well! Tonight, I was completely brought to my knees again by His power to keep me humble. He is teaching me my place in the Kingdom. He is teaching me that I am completely nothing on my own. I am completely nothing without Him.

Tonight I was teaching Emilie the song "Beautiful Lamb of God" and in it the words say: "Like sheep we've gone astray, each turned to his own way, But Jesus will take our sins away"

My prayer has been for so long that God will convict me of my prideful attitude every time it shows up. And yet, He never lets me down. I love Him for that. He is faithful in all of His ways teaching me to serve Him better.

So who am I in the theatre....I'm the back stage girl. I am the one that likes to open and close the curtains and set up props. I am a support person. I want to produce things that make other people smile. I want to create the atmosphere. No name on a program. No name in lights. But a smile on each face that walks in is all I need.

I've found my place. I thank God for his mercy on me. He is making me to be such a better person everyday.

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Chad said...

Everything you do makes me smile...;o)