Monday, March 16, 2009

Tears, Tears, Tears, and then WHAT????? Ha!!!!

Wow! What a day I have had today.

I got to sleep in for a bit and was so excited!

I got up, ate a little breakfast, and intended to study.
Then....Emilie woke up. That was shot.

Talk to my Dr. this morning.....the one who performed my surgery last year only to find out some symptoms I am having may be a result of that and he wants to see me ......TOMORROW. they come.

So I went in to take a nice long relaxing bath this morning. Took a nice big stretch, and pulled a muscle in my chest that brought me to tears. only gets better from here.

After I decided to just leave the hair in a wet mess of a ponytail today, I continued with my day of giving some music lessons to a couple of KPC kids. THAT WENT GREAT! YAY! Thank you to the mothers who didn't say ANYTHING about my appearance today.

Now the house is quiet, the kids are out playing....I'm going to study.

5 minutes later, a knock at the door. A realtor wanting to show the house....RIGHT NOW. Um....NO...I said in the sweetest voice I could while my neck was bent slighty to the right due to the pulled muscle in my chest and I look like death hung over because I have no makeup on. Told her to come back in 45 minutes. I call Chad which then turns into a .....well....let's say disagreement.....which leads me to tears!

Now, I'm trying to move quickly, holding my head in a certain position, frustrated thinking they are just going to say no anyway, frantically trying to sweep the the diswasher....and it's WHAT??? BACKED UP???? Open the cabinet door and the pipes are WHAT????? LEAKING???? This after the garbage disposal broke yesterday and well, that's enough of the kitchen. I put the dirty ones in there and just close the door and continue to just CRY!

The kids and I go for a return home to a very disturbing phone call from the showing realtor telling me we are asking too much for the house. I asked if I lowered the price would the couple consider it??? She said no it wouldn't work for them. I burst into tears. This house stuff is really killing me lately!

So then.....then kids wanted to go to the park....and I thought YES!!! We can go to the park, I can sit and study, and they can play! PERFECT! I needed to get away from here anyway.

NEXT............NEXT!!!!!!! Here comes Ian and Emilie running toward me telling me that a man is calling the fire department because Lukus is stuck in a tree and can't get down. WHAT???? Oh my goodness. Lord...please just take me now!

Sure enough...he's about 20-25 feet in the air, the firetruck comes with sirens blazing ladders flying and about 100 people watching....AND VIDEO TAPING this marvelous event taking place......WITH MY KID!!!!! Yes, beautiful day, spring break = lots of people at the park!!! GGGGGRRRRRRRR!!!!

He gets down and well, we are home. We are not going anywhere else today. I am staying put. You couldn't PAY ME to get out of this house!!!! Unless you want to buy it of course!

God truly had a sense of humor when he gave me kids. I don't know weather to laugh or cry anymore. But thankfully, I have some friends coming over tonight to cheer me up! Just what I needed!


Terry Rush said...

Wanna get away? Southwest can help you.

I love you today....and do you ever need it!

Lindsay said...

Wow! Talk about trials of MANY kinds. Fortunately with our God, even through the tears, you can count them joy. I love you and am praying for you, my friend!