Friday, March 13, 2009

Do you know how to juggle?

I love ministry! It's just something that I feel I can do and gives me purpose and strength to keep going each day. I guess it's not really "ministry" that does that, but it's God in the ministry that does it all.

I believe you can serve in many areas whether in public or behind the scenes. Some ministries we serve in, nobody will ever know about. That's the cool thing about "serving". You don't do it to please others, you do it because your heart is in it to serve the best you can to glorify God. Some ministries we are great in. Some we are more support than leaders. And some we are still growing in. Whatever it is, we are all still servents of the Father. We are all connected and should support eachother in places where we are passionate about God. How can you have a ministry if you are all alone. God sends us each other, and the people to minister to.

Over the past few months, Satan has wanted to throw some fire at me and see what I would do with it.

Little did he know....I'm a juggler! I can put a GREAT spin on it. One that satan doesn't like. He throws it...and I spin it back into something that glorifies God. I just wish I would have figured out this concept about a year ago.

I seem to laugh and smile so much more. It makes me feel so good! Oh sure, there are hard days and difficult times and still times to cry in joy and in pain, but the things that Satan is trying to destroy in me is my passion for ministry. And not just one....but the passion I have in ALL the ministries that I serve in. And he's not just coming straight at me. He's using other beautiful christians to get to me. I'm really trying to figure out why he thinks it's okay to mess with me. With God on my side....I'm just not one to be messed with.

Um...Hello?? I'm God's Child! I have a shield that, when used properly, will protect me from evil. So watch me throw the bowling pins in the air and spin the chainsaws while running. It's not over til....I start singing! ;o)

Don't let him get to you. It's not worth your time. Satan will destory and I mean D E S T O R Y whatever he can get his hands on. He has done it over and over in my life and I refuse to let him take something so precious away from me. My God is much bigger than that.
I'll continue to juggle in ministry and be glorified in the things that delight the Lord. Anything else, just doesn't really matter.

So my question is....Can you juggle?

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Terry Rush said...

Great comments my friend.

I love you today...again!