Friday, January 11, 2008

Broken.....but now down!

My laptop BROKE!!!

My upstairs toilet BROKE!!!

The pipes to the washing machine...yes....BROKE!!!

The water main in the front guessed...BROKE!!!

Our cable's broke!!!

The blinker in my car...yesterday...BROKE!!!

4 of the prongs on my wedding ring....seriously...BROKE!

My bank very broke!!!

So what's the deal?

School started Monday and everything started falling apart. Was that supposed to happen? I don't think so. Everything in my life is supposed to run just super smooth!!! Ha! If you think that's the case, you don't know me very well. (just remember the night I was born, and my wedding day)

This kind of stuff keeps me on my toes. Keeps me awake, keeps me alive. I don't have anything to complain about. At least I have all that stuff to break!
Could I live without it??? Sure! (maybe not he toilet)

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade.
When life gives you apples, you make apple pie.
When life gives you remember who you really are and what is necessary in your life.


Anonymous said...

ok so now i am being nosy and need to know about when you were born and your wedding day!
Jenny Connell :)

Brenda said...

See my blog from this day!