Thursday, December 27, 2007

Promises...not resolutions.

I'm a big dreamer! Not small....but HUGE!!!
I haven't quite figured out if this is a good thing or bad thing yet.

I have dreams and high hopes for me in many areas of my life. Not all of them will pan out. Some things I'm good at, some I'm great at, and some...well...I just shouldn't quit my day job.

I'm okay with this. What I don't want to do is SETTLE! I don't want to settle for something that is not who I am supposed to become. We spend so much time on this earth trying to become something that we will never be. We see others achievements and someday, hope to be like those we look up to. Well, we all know who it is we should be looking up to....and with His guidance, we'll achieve whatever He has in store for us.

This week I have realized that I'm not going to ever achieve all of my dreams. I just don't think it is possible. Some of my dreams, I'm just not cut out for. But I can certainly love to watch others achieve the dream that I would like to live. I can live in their excitement, their enjoyment, their I go on to achieve another dream of my own. Not sure what it really is, but I will find it.

I'm afraid. I'm afraid to try new things. Yet, I live in the excitement of the thrill of a new experience. I could fail. I could succeed. But all in all, the success comes in knowing that I'm willing to put my all into whatever I do.

Sadness does not belong in this area. Criticism of myself will not be tolerated. I will think positive thoughts about believe in those that believe in me. So many times we get trapped in moments of criticizing ourselves that we get to a point where we can't ever be happy.

I rarely make new years resolutions. I don't make them because I am horrible at keeping them. This year I want to just a make a promise to myself. I want to promise myself that I will be happy with whatever I become. If I never make it any further than I am today, in my life, my love, my talent, my career, whatever it is that I am involved in, I want to promise myself that I am happy and content with the outcome of who I am. I don't have to be in the spotlight, or the center of attention to know my worth.


Theresa said...

Beautiful! Like Paul you have "...learned to be content whatever the circumstances." I'm proud of you. I think you're beautiful and amazing and inspiring. You use your weaknesses as much as your strengths to teach and, more importantly, learn. Be happy. Serve, life, love, and LAUGH! :)

I love you!

Theresa said...

and that should be live... not life...

I should learn to proof read. :D