Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ice, Pizza, and Free WiFi!

Tonight we had some very welcomed visitors during the ice storm. Dan, Theresa, and the kids all came over. We ordered pizza and had interesting conversation, and obnoxious singing moments. It was so much fun.
Tomorrow night we're having breakfast for dinner so I think they may be back! And will certainly be welcomed with open arms. If you like eggs and pancakes...come on over! (Sorry Theresa)

Emilie and Lukus listening to Dans IPOD.

Jeremy and Nate having fun on the big comfy chair!

Me and Theresa...well....doing what we do best!

Me and the kiddos singing Veggie Tale songs

And it wouldn't be complete without a pic of T & B

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Terry Rush said...

Last picture. T and B. Two of my favoritest people!