Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Rough Week

If you haven't heard of Charlie Freeman yet....you should watch this video.

Our dear friends Charles and Carrie lost Charlie last weekend in a farming accident. I haven't had the heart to even blog about it. Each time I try...I get the biggest lump in my throat and my tears overwhelm me. I'm comforted in knowing that Charlie has gone home to be with our Father but it doesn't make it any easier.
Charlie was a bright young boy full of life and energy. He loved his family, his sisters, his mom and dad, and most of all, it was obvious that Charlie loved God.

Today I celebrate Lukus' birthday on the same day that Charles & Carrie will bury their son and my heart breaks. We will celebrate Christmas with our kids, they will be missing one. We have to turn our thoughts away from this loss and glorify in Heaven's gain. But still...it hurts so much.

I don't ask God why....I know he has a plan. I know our days are numbered before He ever gave us life. Sometimes, it hurts more than one can even imagine.

Please watch the video and remember Charlie....and cover this family in prayer!


Velcro said...
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Velcro said...

I'll remember Charlie's and your family in my prayers. I posted about this a few months ago on my blog. Here: