Thursday, December 14, 2006


Do you ever feel passionate about something that you really want to do but the timing just isn't right? Boy...I feel that way all the time.

How about in ministry? Where do you find you are most passionate for the Lord?

I have three places that I feel God truly leads me to serve:
#3: Praise Team - Let me say that I am not the most gifted or talented individual when it comes to singing, but I truly love to be with the team, have fun, and praise God in song. I think I find a lot of passion in just the serventhood of praising Him with my fellow brothers and sisters.

#2: Children's Praise Team - This is an area that I truly LOVE! I love to see children passionate about praising God and it warms my heart to teach them songs and movements. One day, I would love to put on a kids talent show, similar to our adult Christmas Party, so the kids have a time and place to showcase their talents that God gave them. Doesn't have to be singing...there are a wide variety of things children can do to show their passion for the Lord. Sometimes, they just need help finding it.

And my #1 place that makes me feel closer to God when serving is:
Women's Ministry! I feel passion, I feel praise, I feel happy all over and excited to get women toegether for a common goal. A common purpose! A common Love!!!!! I love to plan evenings out, I love to plan parties, I love to plan retreats, I love to do anything that deals with the wonderful women in our church.
One of my biggest problems in this area is that I dream TOO BIG and then I have to modify. That's what's hard for me. And then my other problem is school is holding me back from being able to move forward with a dream for this.
Lea Henley paid me the best compliment last night and she didn't even know it...and guess what it had to deal with???/ Women's Ministry. Go figure!

Where is your passion?


Velcro said...

I feel passionate about Worship Ministry and Emotional Healing Ministry.

Jen Corley said...

Hey girl! I was reading your blog and it dawned on me, is Shane Coffman the same Shane Coffman that used to be at Quail? If so, I sang with him a few years ago when we were at Quail. He knows me and Jason and my brother Brian Fairless sang with the worship team too.

How are you quys doing? Your kids are so big! We need to get together sometime. Talk to ya later!

Brenda said...

Hey Jen! Yeah...same Shane! Have to admit...he's a pretty good guy..just doesn't really root for the right team!!
Doing great...let's get together after the holidays!

Shane Coffman said...

It's me, Jen. Can't you tell from my handsome mug shot on the right?

(Oh, no, I'm starting to talk like Terry already...)

I hope the Corely's are doing well. Tell Jason I said hi.