Friday, December 15, 2006

My Brain Hurts!!!

We just wrapped up a two hour session with Ian's doctor and HOLY brain probably doesn't hurt 1/2 as bad as his does. I am so overwhelmed with information and emotion right now.

They pointed out all the imperfections....all the insecurities and the lack life he really has. It was truly the most depressing two hours I think I have ever been through.
My heart really hurts. I felt bad for Chad as he had to walk out of there early and leave not being able to process this information before going back on the road.

The diagnosis was everything we expected it to be...and then some.

Did it hurt me to hear these things??? Yes!
Do I feel hopeful??? A little
I know it will get better as we educate ourselves. I was given SOOO many resources as a parent and I'm a little excited to go out in search of support.

They assured us of this....

There is no cure....
There is educational opportunites...
There is help out there....
We are NOT alone.....
He can learn to manage and cope and eventually learn to live in society as a normal child.

I have thoughts....I have ideas....I have a little hope for the future.

My goal for next week is to explore Town and Country to see if we can afford for him to go there. The doctor thinks this would be the PERFECT fit for him if we can find the financial means for it. I pray that God will open a door of opportunity for us so we can get him in.


Terry Rush said...

Dear GHN,

When our backs are against the wall and there seems to be little sign of "what to do", I always am reminded of Romans 4:17. God creates something from nothing and gives life to the dead. You and your family are in "that perfect position" of seeing Him do what no one else can.

I pray your days are filled with this statement, "You will not believe what I am about to tell you God just did!!!!"

Love you today!

Shane Coffman said...

"We are not alone"

Your docotor didn't know how right he was when he made that statement to you.

You are surrounded by a church family that loves and supports you, as well as a God who knows every neuron in Ian's brain and thinks they are all perfect.

That's a pretty good recepie for the future.

Brenda said...

I just love the both of you! Thanks for being a part of my life!


Vicki said...

you are all in our prayers, brenda, and God has ordained this for whatever reason. can't wait to see you guys again and assure you of this in person. we love you!!!