Thursday, December 28, 2006

Me & Video Games!!!

I will be the first to say that I am NOT a fan of video games. I don't like them, I don't like my kids playing them, and I think they are a total waste of time and money. I can't stand it when we are at the store, movies, mall, or anywhere else and the kids are begging me for a quarter to play a game. Most of them these days do not operate off of one quarter. With that being said, I can tell you that we do own...not one but two different game systems in our house. We are normally at least 2 years late in getting the most current system as I will not fork over 300.00 for one of these things. I will even bargain on e-bay! I'll say that I don't really like the choice for games that children are given. Most of it is guns and fighting and nothing pure for their heart. Always somebody killing someone else...even if it is just Power is still violent!

But this year while Christmas shopping we came across these neat little Joy Sticks that you just plug right into your T.V. and it can play 5 different games. I thought...what could it hurt right?
So we bought the one that had Ms. Pac Man, Pole Position, Galaxa, Mappy, and something else.

I hate to admit who has been playing it more. ME!!! And even more fierce competition! It brings back a good memory for me. Every Sunday after church my parents would eat out for lunch at Western Sizzlin. They had one of those combo packs of Ms. Packman , Donkey Kong, or Frogger in the box.
My brother and I would hurry to finish our lunch and my dad would always bring out a handful of quarters. I think most of the time it was to get us out of their hair so they could eat in peace, but it was such a memorable moment.
Now, Chad and I sit in our over sized chair in fierce competition after the kids have gone to bed laughing hysterically at how silly we are acting over a little thing on T.V. eating dots and being attacked by ghost. I'm sure there are much better things we can do with our time, but I'll admit...I've had fun!!


Velcro said...

I've got to have my college football on PS2... Yep... I'm behind the times now too.

Shane Coffman said...

I'm with you. I can enjoy Pac Man and the like, but today's games are way past my level of skill, and I have better things to spend my time and money on.

But, maybe when I have kids I'll change my mind...

Remember Pong? Now that's a old-school video game!