Sunday, September 24, 2006

What bad day???

I must say that last weeks was a horrible week. I think I prayed harder than I ever have. Well...maybe that's not the case but it sure was a lot.
I figure I could dwell on the bad aspects but I like to look at the positives....well...there wern't many I guess but I can name few:
  • Last week and this week both of my kids won their soccer games. Both with Lukus kicking the winning kickoff goal.
  • I had a good talk with one of my professors and feel hopeful about the semester.
  • I got to sing at Powersurge and was totally upifted.
  • I saw Lukus perform in his 3rd grade play. He did a great job and I was such the proud mom!
  • I have lowered my amout of television I watch on a daily basis.
  • I lost 7lbs 6oz last week
  • I watched the most amazing sunrise this morning. It was INCREDIBLE!!!!
  • I was able to get some things done at work that I have never been able to do on my own before now and I was totally successful!
  • I watched the excitement of Emilie as she was able to complete a great cartwheel.
  • I recieved my papers from the Oklahoma Board of Nursing to become a certified PCT. Now I just have to go and take the test.
  • I got a good paycheck!
  • I had a great long talk with my friend Tisha and her health is doing well praise God!
  • I witnessed several miracles. Probably more than I realize.

So yeah....for now...that's all I can think of so it looks like I had a really great week after all. When something goes bad it is so easy to focus on the negative but I really like to think of all the great things in life. I know there are more than I can ever imagine. But now I can't remember all that bad stuff that happened today. I'm sure there will be more to come.

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The Prophet said...

That's a very good perspective to have. Praise God for all of the ways He came through for you!