Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Good vs. Bad

So a new situation arose today with my educational situation. Boy...there is always something else to throw into the puzzle huh?
Well....here it is....

If I continue with my classes how they are set up right now, I will finish in 2 MORE LONG YEARS with my RN with an associates degree.
Well...now....there is a new situation.
This semester they opened up a new program for nursing majors to obtain their BSN quicker.
It would be the first 2 semesters at TCC and the last two will complete at OU. Boy...what is a girl to do! Way too many decisions.
The only problem I see with this is I will have to spend about two more semesters taking MORE pre reqs then I would if I stayed at TCC. However, I would have my Bacholor's instead of an associates. I have one more semester before I HAVE to make this decision. I'm glad they opened this up...but then again, it's driving me crazy to think this is going to take me longer. Ugh!

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The Prophet said...

Only you know what's best for you. All I must say is Boomer Sooner!