Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Wow...I discovered this week that I am technically challanged. Shane gave the option for someone to put some slides together for Sunday morning and boy...let me tell you was a bigger job than I thought it would be. Once I got into it, I couldn't stop. I was addicted to powerpoint. So I had to limit myself to only doing so many slides per day. It was nice to use it for something other than school projects. I certainly give my hand to Shane as I didn't realize how much work he put into those. My hats off to him!!!!

So I've been a little down lately. I'm not sure it's really down but just tired and worn out. Again my professor today proclaimed to me today that she still can't figure out why I am in her class. I'm starting to get a complex about this. So now all it's done is make me want to try harder to prove to her than I can do the work. I was not adequately prepared by my pre req to be in this class so it's making it much more difficult.

So, I try not to have those silent moments of crying at home but it hasn't worked much lately. There is WAY too much for me to be thankful for and I shouldn't be sad for any reason. I think of all the other unforunate people in the world that have experience much greater losses in life than I have nothing to be sad about.

I know that this too shall pass. It's just another one of those days where I don't feel adequate in anything I do. I know...I long will I have this pity party??? Well...till about right....NOW. Okay...I'm done. Moving on! ;o)


Shane Coffman said...

And everybody thinks I've got the EASY job... ;-)

I do. And I love it.

He is faithful. Just like the season of summer has passed and fall has come, this season of school and these classes will pass for you and bring something new, different, and hopefully, more fun.

Brenda said...

Yeah...all you gotta do is stand up there and sing! YEAH RIGHT!!! Ha!

Not only is HE faithful...HE is able to do more than I could ever dream! How appropriate was that song tonight! Thanks!

The Prophet said...

I'll remember your downness in my prayers. Take Care