Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ha! School is the problem!

I think it is the problem! School! Yes, the MIGRAINES are back. And might I add they they only came back when I started school again. How weird huh? I don't think I am very happy with that! I went almost all summer with NO headaches and now I have been down nearly every day. It's a bummer. I'll deal with it, but it's no fun. I've started back on my perscription medications which really don't allow me to feel like myself but I don't have much of an alternative. I need to stay on top of them. I can't let them beat me. Today has been the worst day but as the afternoon rolls around, it is getting better. The side effects are not desireable but I will get use to them. In the words of my great friend Theresa....Oi!

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