Thursday, August 24, 2006

Caught up in moments of His greatness!

Tonight was special to me. I had a fun time praising our Father and got caught up in some awesome moments of spiritual worship as well that knocked me off balance. least I can blame it on that anyway.
I'm not a performer by any means and I'm not gifted with the greatest voice but God gave me and all others the ability to praise Him like no other. I just love Him for that. He has me right where he wants me to be in my heart of worship. I try to stay disciplined but my own agenda sometimes gets away with me.
Church is fun to me. It's a fun time praising His name and celebrating the good news with the ones I love and the ones I have yet to know. It's the times I can do a funny gig singing "There's no god like Jahovah" It's also about being broken in those desperate times when we need to be broken. When we need to be there for others to help pick up the pieces with us and help us see that we are broken. The times that we need to sing "Break my heart" over and over. I just love the people who are around me. It makes me feel that I am truly around kingdom people.

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