Tuesday, August 29, 2006

1 Smile Down

"How many more?" is what Ian asked as he came home yesterday from school as a changed person...as the teacher put it. Hummm...I think this may work. He had a GREAT DAY!

I was shocked by his reaction of his bedroom. His reaction was not much of anything. Actually...it was like he almost didn't care. He just found something else to do and moved on. Is this because he knew he could not beat the consequence? I mean really...I was going for effect here! What would you do if you were 11 and you walked in and everything as you know it was gone from your room? I WOULD HAVE A HEARTATTACK! Well, not Ian! He just rolled with it and moved on.

So I think he really noticed it last night when he went to bed. His lamp was gone, radio, and all other excessories as well that require a plug in! (Might I add...our power bill may be smaller). So he gets in bed and says..."it's so quiet and dark in here! " YAY!!! SUCCESS! He's miserable! Okay...I don't really mean that but seriously, I was waiting for that type of moment!
He told me that he found it difficult to be a GOOD child vs. a BAD child! Hummmm....
I found that very interesting.
So I put myself in his shoes....

Is it easier for me to be bad than good? In what terms? Well...yes it is. It's easier for me to go somewhere that is supposed to be serious and totally cut up and act silly. Yeah..so the kid gets it from me. I can have so much fun...but if I was in class, I would be in SO MUCH TROUBLE!

So I get it. I get what he is saying and understand how it feels to be him in a way. He is very bright, smart, and funny...but sometimes, he gets in his own way. He doesn't understand that, but what is important for him is that everyone around him gets it. I can't expect that from everyone he comes in contact with, but the people he sees frequently I would hope they can love him for the simple fact that he loves who he is despite his imperfections. I love him for that too.


Theresa said...

I adore him! I'm going to miss teaching him on Sunday mornings. I'm proud of you for sticking to your guns. I know how hard it can be, and I know it's probably going to get harder before it gets easier. Such is parenting. :o(

Love you, chica!!!

heather said...

I love that! and I love him!
I love learning from each other as we each try new things ( and learn alongside each other!

Yay for you! .... and what he said is so true. We never have to work hard to do what's wrong...but rather to choose not to. No matter what age. :-)

I love you! Celebrating with you!