Friday, January 23, 2009


Seems like something I hear a lot of in church from fellow Christians is "I'm not comfortable praying out loud" or "I don't know how to pray out loud". There's just something about it that makes some people uncomfortable.

I would be one of these people. I pray daily. PRIVATELY! It is usually early in the morning before the sun even grazes the sky. It's easier then. I can concentrate, there isn't any noise, no distractions, and if I can't sleep, having a conversation with God is one of the best ways to occupy my time. Many times, I feel that God wakes me from a deep sleep in order to get me to talk to Him. Well...that works! ;o)

I don't mind public prayer. I hear some of the most beautiful prayers by my brothers and sisters but I don't feel like I can speak like that. So....I don't. I tried for many years to be something that I am not and at age 35, I have figured out who God wants me to be. ME! Imagine that! ;o)

He didn't put big words into my mouth to use during prayer. He made me simple. He made me plain. He made me just an ordinary gal, talking to an extraordinary God.

I love that. And I don't want to be afraid to pray out loud any longer. I think I am getting better as I've had some opportunities lately to practice this and I am really starting to enjoy it. Sure....I say things that sound silly. But again, God made me silly!

Something that has really helped me is having a prayer journal, and keeping track of what I pray for and also when I have a thought during the day, I stop and write it down so that I can cover that in prayer. Sure, I could do it right then, but I want my prayer moments to grow into a deeper relationship with God.

I've read some books that have really helped in this area and I received a 28 day prayer guide from a friend. I have been using it everyday and I think not only has it made a difference in my prayer life, but in my daily walk with God. It gives me specifics, and I add to that my thoughts throughout the day. It was designed for an entire church to do together, but I have loved what it has done for me alone!

I could list a ton of things to pray about on here but the list is endless.
I pray that God brings me closer to Him through the power of prayer this year and that He strengthens my ability to walk every moment with Him. I pray for whoever reads this or whoever doesn't read it that God blesses the lives of His children. He can do GREAT things through the power of prayer.

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