Tuesday, April 22, 2008


If you do something for yourself that involves nobody else, makes you feel better, nobody else can benefit from it, you not changing anything, and the only person that can be gratified is you....is that selfish???

I made a comment the other day that I thought triathalons were selfish sports. I feel bad when Chad goes and I don't go to support him. But...when I'm there, I just sit. I can't watch him, see him, root for him, but just sit and wait for him to finish. So I just ride there with him, and come home with him. It's not like football where you are part of a team and you cheer them on. You drop them off and don't see them again until it's over. It's a little boring.
So, my comment about it being a selfish sport came from the fact that you only do this for yourself. You only race against a clock. You don't speak to anyone, compete with anyone, create a bond with anyone, support anyone...you are just in it for yourself.

Am I wrong??? Don't need to be right....but still feel bad about my feelings.

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Shane Coffman said...

Not selfish, just...personal...introspective...self-challenging