Thursday, April 03, 2008

memory lane

Now I'm having fun looking back and looking at life now.

Here Ian weighs 3lbs 1oz. He was really awake and alert for such a little guy. But all that we have come through, he has done so well. We have our moments...but overall I couldn't have asked for anything better!

He is growing up on us so fast. Pretty soon he'll be 18 and won't want anything to do with us. For now, I will be happy that he still loves to be around me!


Chad said...

That had to have been the hardest time in my life. I could have never gone through it without you being by my side.

Theresa said...

oh wow! Okay... he was seriously adorable! Look at those eyes!!!

Ian is my favorite.

And Lukus.

Oh! And Emilie!

Oh... nevermined. I can't choose. I adore all three of them! :)

Linda L said...

Uh, I hate to burst your bubble, but the "not wanting to have anything to do with us" usually starts before 18. Although, it could be different for boys than girls. Now that I think back, Evan never went through that. Now Rachel was another story...Don't worry, they DO eventually come back and then they realize Mom and Dad are pretty cool and kinda know what they're talking about :)