Monday, March 03, 2008


If laughter is the the best medicine...then why on earth am I still in school? I should be making millions by now. I love to laugh. It is what keeps me going through hard times. This weekend has to be the best weekend I have had in years. I spent it with the most beautiful ladies at our appreciation banquet and all I can say is the giggles were rollin from the moment we walked in the door. I honestly cannot even tell you what was SO funny, but whatever it was, it kept us going all night long.
A series of events happened here....not sure what...but something was REALLY funny!
I truly loves these ladies!


Anonymous said...
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arlene said...

...just want to drop by and say that i love your blog description:
On A Mission... to serve, to live, to love, and to laugh! I myself uses the tagline "LOVE, LIVE AND LOVE" as wallpaper of my cellphone. =)

God bless!

Tammy said...

I am glad you left out the details...after all what happened at the table, stays at the table...'til next year!

Hugs and love at ya!

Linda L said...

Brenda, I just found your blog so I'm commenting rather late; Yes, I had a LOT of FUN at the banquet. I knew I would when I saw you girls sitting at the table (Hence the title "the fun table"). Each of you knows how to laught at everything around you, know matter the circumstances! I say we don't wait till next year to do this again!