Friday, March 07, 2008

Extreme Insanity

There's nothing better than feeling spontaneous and ripping up the carpet in your living room. I am so tired of carpet. It just doesn't work well with 3 kids. So the best way to fix it, is to get rid of it. Today I went to Lowe's and got a wild hair to buy tile and fix up our living room. Now, this is a much bigger job than I anticipated, but there is nothing better to cure you when you feel down to do something that makes you feel better. I don't really like my house, but I'm happy to have a home so I make the best of it. It has many....and I mean many problems with it. The big job to tackle will be our bathroom, but until then, I just thought the carpet had to go. Taking out the boards with carpet tacks was NOT fun!!!
However, I love how it's going to look I got it all out of the house and laid the tiles out! It will look so good! And my dear brother came by tonight to help me lift furniture. All I can say is that big TV's and piano's are meant to stay in their places and not be moved!

Chad coming in to inspect my work!

Don't you love how red his face is??? Dr's give great meds!

This will be the final look! Well, with more tile of course. I'm really excited! Right now I even love the concrete floor!


Brenda said...

DISCLOSURE....It's a work shirt! Something I don't mind getting dirty or tearing up! I wouldn't dare wear a good shirt for this project. Just wait until I mix the grout tomorrow! ;o)

Shane Coffman said...

Yeah, right, uh-huh, we believe you.

I think the TRUTH has come out that you're actually a closet OSU fan, only showing your TRUE colors at home.