Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Talent Show vs Variety Show

Are kids talent shows really talent shows or Variety Shows?

I am quiet excited that all 3 of my kids this year made the talent show. Ian squeezed in at the last moment, but let me say..that kids just blows me away in singing. I wish at age 11 I could sing like him.

Lukus will be doing the "Cupid Dance" with about 12 boys from his class
Emilie will be singing with a trio "You are my sunshine"

Most of the kids do more of a "variety" act rather than true talent. There are 45 and yes...I said 45 acts in this show on Friday and I pray it goes quickly. Some of them get up and tell a joke or two so they are pretty quick. But I love to see that kids any age are not afraid to put themselves in front of the school. I still have yet to conquer that fear totally. I'm getting better but still am not fearless like my children.

So I will make sure to take PLENTY of video that I can post so nobody misses it.

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